6 Girl Boss Podcasts You Need To Listen To If You Are An Entrepreneur

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Right next to listening to music, I love listening to podcasts. They are very informative and I love listening to people talk in the back ground while I am being productive.

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I must admit, I am very picky about which podcasts I listen to, because some can be dragged on and I get lost.

But do not worry! I went through so many podcasts just to pick the ones that I think will motivate you the most.

Starting out with Lori Harder the Founder of the Bliss Project, Three Times Fitness World Champion, Fitness, Lifestyle, and Self Love Expert, Entrepreneur, Author, and the Host of the Earn Your Happy Podcast! whew! That was a lot haha!


The Podcast Earn Your Happy is such an entertaining, inspirational, and informative podcast where Lori Harder (the host) talks about why to earn your happy and what it means to earn it. She collaborates with bloggers, fitness experts, and other podcasts hosts to talk about how they got to where they are now to earn their happy.

This Podcast is by far my favorite one to listen to because it resonates what I want my blog to be. Also, she is someone who I have grown to be very fond of and would love to just sit and listen to what she has to say and learn from her.


2.  Jenna Kutcher a Photographer, Educator, Artist, Mac & Cheese Lover (HAHA!) and the host of the Goal Digger Podcast . This podcast focuses on social media marketing, and how to connect with your social media audience. She is very strategic and so informative, you can actually learn a lot from just listening to this podcast!

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3. Haley Burkhead is the writer behind Market Beautifully, and the Market Beautifully Podcast, and the host of the podcast Profit Planner.  She gives strategies on how to beat social media and entrepreneur advice.


4. Julie Solomon, the voice behind The Influencer Podcast where she shares her biggest tips on growing your brand, business, and influence. She is so worth listening too, because her tips are over the top helpful, you wouldn’t want to miss a word!


5. Do you ever wonder how boss women got to where they are now? I surely have and let me tell you, it is never what you expect. The She Did It Her Way Podcast is an amazing good listen to learn how women found success their own way!


6. Finally the Socialette podcast with the host Steph Taylor, whom teaches you about business marketing tips and social media so you can find an authentic audience and success you dreamed of!

All of these podcast have something offer and they are definitely worth listening to especially if you want to start a business and work your way to build an audience.

Thank you for reading this post:

Question Of The Day:

Do you listen to podcasts? Is there any podcast I missed or would like to recommend me?

Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful day and remember to love the joy of you!cropped-imageedit_1_3579785972.png


17 thoughts on “6 Girl Boss Podcasts You Need To Listen To If You Are An Entrepreneur

  1. I am new to blogging and have found this really useful. I don’t listen to podcasts because I never know where to start. I will take these tips and start here. Thank you so much.


    1. So glad this helped you. Yeah I would definitely start with their first episode and work your way up. All their episodes have something interesting.


  2. Thanks for this list of awesome podcasts! I’ve been meaning to get into listening to them, just never seem to make the time. I shall though!


  3. Thanks for sharing. I was looking for more women to listen to. I’m also looking to listen to WOC, if you follow any, please let me know.


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